Enfinium Network

A new kind of Minecraft Server Network.
By Creators for Creators

What is Enfinium?

Enfinium Currently works with creators to build out servers and help creators with making awesome content.
This is currently our main focus while we test out and begin work on the main network. Our Main Network is focused on building a Minigames Minecraft Server focused on the community. Some of our planned features include:

Creator Tools

Play with your viewers, customize games, add mods, and so much more, all within game.


Play Games with your friends, play private games, queue different games, and much much more.

Accessable API

Get Information without modding the game, Get stats, status, and even game updates directly.

Custom Map

Want to build a new map for one of our games, Use our Map Builder and play with your friends or publish it and allow others to play it.

And More!

We're still working on getting the server ready for its first release to the public. Stay tuned for updates!