Enfinium Blog Post #1

Enfinium's Current State and Future Plans   

Hey everyone welcome to the first enfinium Blog! In todays Blog I will be discussing the current and future plan for enfinium. As many of you know Survival is open to eveyone and is constanty being updated to the latest version. The orginal plan of the survival server was to reset it at the end of the year. The team has decied to hold off on any reset as 1.17 will come out durring the summer of 2021 and we do not want to have a seconday reset within 6 month of one. The update will have a lot of new blocks and features that could interfer with an older version and cause some courpted chunks to spawn.

The next topic for todays blog will be Minigames. Our Devloper Colin has been working hard on making new minigames and preparing them from relase. We plan to have Minigames open soon to the public we will feature Hide and Seek as our Pilot game. The Team is working hard on making custom games as well and making our own versions of some minecraft clasics. As the time passes We will update everyone here on the fourms and our discord. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our staff team on Discord.


Coming Soon! 

We are Excited to anounce that public forms are in the works :D we will keep eveyone updated as we make new anouncments



Comming Soon!

Our Devloper is working Hard and is making new games that we will relases soon!