Enfinium Dev Post #1

An update on the current progress of our server systems

 Hey all, I thought I should update you on our progress I'm currently making relating to the backend and minigames. Since I got out of college I've been working heavily on getting the backend of the queue completed. The queue will allow us to set up minigames on multiple servers and the queue will take care of selecting a server and getting the player to that server. Though that is not all as it will handle controlling parties as well as friends so everyone gets in the same server together. My plan is to have it be able to make sure all of the players in the party actually get in the server and not kick out a few of the players in your party due to someone else joining at the same time. This is mainly taking awhile because I want to make sure I get it right and have all the features ready to go from the beginning. I am also the only developer currently which means I don't have anyone else on hand to work on anything else.
 Once everything for the backend is completed I will finish off setting up and updating the Hide and Seek game to use this new system and we will begin adding more minigames. If you have any ideas of minigames you think we should add let us know in our Discord in the #minigames channel. We'd be happy to credit you on an original minigame idea that we add in!
 On another note Survival will be not be updated to 1.17 though we may spin up another survival solely for 1.17 until 1.18 (when the new terrian generation comes out) at which point we will wipe the old 1.16 world and 1.17. We will remove all Player data and possibly setup a part of the site to grab your home coordinates if you didn't get them and also put the worlds up for download if you'd like to keep your builds (or even 3D print them!). We are all hopefully you'll stay as we continue to get the server up to a standard before were ready to consider our server fully out. We have some awesome things we want to do with you, the community, in the future and hope you'll be here when it's ready. We know it may seem like our Discord is quite inactive at times but were working hard in the backend getting everything together and polished up for you to enjoy. Also another thing to note we have over 100 members in our discord! We are glad you are all here! Do feel free to join us when we hop in general from time to time!

Stay Tuned!

Enfinium Blog Post #1

Enfinium's Current State and Future Plans   

Hey everyone welcome to the first Enfinium blog! In todays blog I will be discussing the current and future plan for Enfinium. As many of you know survival is open to everyone and is constantly being updated to the latest Minecraft version. The original plan of the survival server was to reset it at the end of the year. The team has decided to hold off on any reset until 1.17, which will come out during the summer of 2021. Due to that we don't want to have another survival reset within 6 months of each other. The update will have a lot of new blocks and features that could interfere with an older version and cause some corrupted chunks to spawn.

The next topic for todays blog will be Minigames. Our developer Colin has been working hard on making new minigames and preparing them from release. We plan to have Minigames open soon to the public we will feature Hide and Seek as our Pilot game. The Team is working hard on making custom games as well and making our own versions of some minecraft classics. As the time passes we will continue to update everyone here on the forums and our Discord. If you have any questions feel free to reach out to our staff team on Discord.


Coming Soon! 

We are excited to announce that the public forums are in the works. :D We will keep everyone updated as we make new announcements.



Coming Soon!

Our developer is working hard and is making new games that we will releases soon!